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  1. Great show tonight in Austin. Best Date Night of the Year!!! Now how do I top that? Many Blessings to you

  2. Great show tonight in Austin….. Best Date Night of the year……how do I top this ????

  3. Thank you Lowell you were so funny didn’t miss a show can’t wait to see you again! Lilah on Carnival miracle

  4. My wife & I saw you in Milwaukee 6/23/18 at the Riverside Theater 8:00 Tim Allen Show. Loved you man! We laughed the whole time and couldn’t stop crying because it was so funny. Thanks

  5. Gretchen Lord Anderson

    We saw you at the first show of two last Saturday in Milwaukee. We were thrilled you were the opener because we saw you in Vegas last November when we went to Tim’s show there. They had told the Milwaukee audience that “there would be no opener” for the 5 p.m. show. You’re a hoot! Love the airport segment.

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