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  1. Lowell we have seen you on several occasions and you rock. We love your gigs. We saw you again last night at Segerstrom Center of the Arts, with Tim Allen. YOU ARE THE MAN.

  2. We caught both shows on Carnival Splendor and had a blast. Your sets are jam packed and polished, but the delivery is anything but routine. You are a craftsman, sir. Thank you for a great experience. We will be watching for you.

  3. My husband and I saw you last night in Sugarland (Houston). You were awesome! Laughed so hard I was crying, especially about the lost luggage parts as I can relate too much to that. DELTA….don’t expect luggage to arrive! I hope you come back. We will be there!

  4. Saw you last night in Sugar Land TX. Laughed so hard I had tear streaming down my face. Not too bad for a free pickle.

  5. Saw you today in Sugarland (Houston). You, sir are freakin funny! Best pickle I’ve ever seen!!

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