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  1. Saw you today at Mark Ridley’s Comedy Castle in Royal Oak. Had a great time! Thank you for all of the laughs!

  2. Saw you last night opening for Tim Allen at Foxwoods. You brought my husband and I to tears!! Hilarious. Thank you for your delightful brand of humor.

  3. My hubby and I saw you on Friday night at The Mirage with Tim Allen. You were HILARIOUS! I went back to the room and made sure I wrote your name down to see if you did a one man show that we could go see sometime! Come to New Orleans sometime! We would LOVE to have you come perform here!!!!

  4. Loved seeing you for the 1st time Last Night when you Opened for Tim Allen. You are Hilarious & we will definitely be following your career.

  5. Seen you for first time Last Night when you Opened for Tim Allen in Vegas. You were Hilarious
    Thanks for the Laughs

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