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  1. You and Tim were amazing last night at the Altria. Made for a fun night. I don’t get out much lately due to being diagnosed with ALS a couple of years ago, so you and Tim made me forget about that for a couple of hours, so thank you!

  2. Saw Lowell last night in Richmond with Tim Allen. Both were great. Could not stop laughing during Lowell’s show. I hope to see him again.

  3. My husband and I saw you last night in Richmond. We laughed SO hard! You are hilarious! Thank you for keeping things light and not so serious! Very refreshing!

  4. Robert and Leslie OBrien

    Saw you at the Altria in Richmond last night. I cannot stand pickles but last night was the first pickle I thoroughly enjoyed. As a frequent flyer, I could relate to your airport observations! My wife and I are new fans!

  5. OMG you were fantastic last night in Orlando we loved your act.

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