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  1. You were great! Haven’t laughed that hard in awhile! We were at the Tim Allen show in Vegas on Saturday. 2/22/2020

  2. We saw you at the Mirage on 2/22/20 as you opened for Tim Allen . Great, hilarious routine. I think the audience would have loved for you to go on for another 20 minutes . You had that crowd rocking by the time Tim came out . Just great.

  3. You were great! Mirage Las Vegas 2/23/2020!

  4. Hi Lowell . We saw you on the Carnival Pride Journeys Cruise back in 11/4/-11/18/18 out of Baltimore . ( see my post from 1/31/19 ) We met after the show, I got your CD, and I told you we lived in Las Vegas . You said to drop you a line before a show as you would hook us up with some tickets and meet Tim as well. Just saw that you have a show scheduled for 2/21 & 22 at the Mirage and was hoping to catch up with you for the show and maybe we can take you to lunch or dinner if you have time . Hope to hear from you .

  5. I was crying laughing most of the show, you are a comedic genius! I saw you on a Mexico Carnival cruise last March with my mom. We talked to you after and I shook your hand, don’t know if you remember. I went to every show you had that week, looking forward to hearing more from you

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