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  1. I saw you tonight (October 2) in Amarillo. You were hilarious! I actually laughed longer and more often at your act than I did at Tim Allen’s. Sad to say but true. You are a fantastic comedian and wished you would’ve lasted longer on stage.

  2. Absolutely hilarious!!! Had us all in San Antonio rolling!!!

  3. Great show , really enjoyed , seen you on the sunrise ship

  4. I don’t think I ever laughed so hard at a stand up comic show. You were awesome in traverse city last night.

  5. Hi. My husband and I seen you on the carnival conquest Feb. 2020 and you were pretty damn hilarious. You had us and the audience just rolling. We bought a cd from you after the show and mentioned that we were also from Michigan. I just checked out your schedule and I think we are going to come to your show in Grand Rapids in July, so I guess we will be seeing you soon.

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