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  1. Amy Kimball-Niepmann

    Thanks for the giggles in Atlanta! BTW – I LOVE pickles!

  2. FYI – I LOVE pickles!
    Atlanta Aug6

  3. Saw you in Atlanta opening for Tim Allen! Laughed SO hard!! You are a true talent!!

  4. I thoroughly enjoyed your comedy last night in Louisville, KY! I was hoping to find you headlining a club near me; but it doesn’t look like you have anything close to Louisville the rest of 2022. We have a new comedy club opening here and would love to see you back in town! Don’t tell Tim; but, I kinda thought you may have outshone him!;)

  5. Saw you last night opening for Tim Allen in Grand Rapids, MI. Thought you were hilarious and look forward to seeing you again. Thanks for the great laughs!!

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